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Our Story.

Itchifeet was established in 2014 amongst the rolling winter swells and vibrancy of colour that North West Africa has in abundance.

– Our Mission is to open the path of yoga & wellbeing to all –

We offer boutique retreats, yoga classes & wellbeing services to groups, companies and individuals

Who Are We?

Olly has passion for travel & adventure, a desire to explore nature and the rhythms of life. He is a qualified yoga teacher (500hr Yoga Alliance) and wellbeing therapist.

More about Olly

Bertie our chef is concerned with cooking food of the highest nutrient density and biggest flavor possible. He has experienced cuisines from the shores of New Zealand and West Africa to the Michelin stared restaurants of the UK & Scandinavia. He is currently working out of a 2 Michelin starred establishment in Stockholm and will this summer be going on to run his own project.

Emily is the events and planning guru; she has a degree in Business Management and extensive experience planning global events.

Kal a specialist in the digital world is our IT wizard and is responsible for the design and development of our company website.

Yoga & Wellbeing.

Yoga is a fundamental practice for all, it’s simple really… you move in alignment with your breath; The body gains posture and strength through the physical practice (asana) and the mind is stilled with the breath (meditation) all of this, leads to presence.

We keep things straightforward, we show you what we have learnt so you can move freely and feel phenomenal not just for a week, for a lifetime.

Meditation & Breathwork.

“It takes mindfulness to come to a human life..
and then above that it takes mindfulness and virtue to come to a fortunate human life”

The mind, your mind, is a very powerful tool, however like all tools it needs care and maintenance. We are very aware of the needs of physical recovery but we frequently discard our cerebral requirements. We have forgotten that sitting, slumped and looking into a screen is not recovery but stimulus, it continues to exhaust the mind. There are two forms of mental recovery we want you take a lot of with us, sleep and meditation. By the way, we have really comfy beds.

Do you want to know yourself more deeply and have control of your ‘monkey mind’ instead of the other way around? If stress, burnout, anxiety or depression sound like old ghosts then spending some time sat and breathing with yourself can begin to ward them off. It’s that simple and it’s that hard.

Holistic Treatments.

Sleep, yoga and food are great starts to recovery but sometimes the body needs an extra push in the right direction. Tense muscles make for poor bedfellows and releasing that tension can often be the pebble that tips the scales in the right direction, the difference between success and injury. We offer both massage and acupuncture as either stand alone treatments or courses for deeper running physical ailments.


“You know as we grow, your body is a temple… Wealth of life lives in it… and the beauty will be you. Therefore it is your obligation to keep your body good, your mind clear and your spirit up – and you are what you eat”

Can’t say it better ourselves – you are what you eat. We have a pretty simple philosophy on food: Keep it natural. Food and nutrition has both become way over complicated and way over simplified. Let us explain…

Food, nutritionally speaking, nowadays has generally been reduced to four words; protein, carbohydrate, fat and calories. This reductionism has given rise to the idea that if something produced in a laboratory has the same numbers as something that grew in a field then from the perspective of nutrition they are similar. This is where it gets complicated.

Food and the nutrition and nourishment it offers goes way beyond these four simple fields. A piece of broccoli is better than a multivitamin. A piece of broccoli freshly picked is better than one that flew half way across the world. Bio-availability of nutrients drops like a stone once that broccoli has been picked and not only is this bad from a nutritional point of view, it is detrimental to the flavor.

Why does something taste good to us? (Lets exclude deep fried and sugar coated things here) It is because our bodies are wired to tell us what is and isn’t good for us, your taste buds are inbuilt nutrient detectors. So if you eat a vegetable or piece of meat that really doesn’t taste of much of itself it means it is of a low nutritional value, make sense?

So when you eat with us, we are going to pack your plates with big, hearty, natural flavours and we will nourish you more deeply than you most likely have been for years.


“The invitation is not to show how inventive or imaginative you are but how much you can notice what you’re already a part of”

We have been around the world and back more than once, we have been to some truly special places and some we cannot wait to leave. Over time we have come to understand what makes a location special. It is not just a building, it is not just weather, it is not just the people; it is all of these things! It is everything about and surrounding the place itself that comes together perfectly, and as a sauce or perfume can have thousands of different characteristics and notes that make it up it is the balance that determines the elegance of the thing.

This is what we search for when we look for a destination for our guests and why we run so few retreats. We are looking for a location that is in perfect harmony with the world around it, with a touch of luxury of course. We search for somewhere that we, ourselves, feel more alive and we can turn to each other and say ‘Yes! We absolutely must bring people here’

We focus on short, sharp long weekends. It is enough time for you to step out of your day to day and relax but compact enough to fit into a busy schedule. It is also enough time for us to give you skills and knowledge that are both enriching and pertinent for you. Whether it is consulting with Olly about a certain muscle group or movement or Bertie about how to optimize your breakfast or get the most out of rice; we want you to come away from your time with us feeling like you have the power to give yourself a little nudge in the right direction in exchange for four days of your time.

Perhaps you quaffed at the audacity of that last sentence, after all we are asking for a sizeable sum in exchange for your attendance. However, we run luxury retreats, and we are nigh on at the tops of our respective fields. You tend to get what you pay for in life but we hope we can offer you something that goes beyond monetary value. That is time. Not our time now or your time then, we would like to give you more time in your future. We want you to come away from your stay with us feeling that you know how to better care for yourself and the ones you love. How to have your body and mind, flourish.

With that we invite you to share your most precious jewel with us so that we can give you more and that you may get the most from it, we ask for your time.

Where Are We Off To?

Cognac, France.

A venerable house sitting amongst the vines. Bare wood and white walls wreathed in French charm. The land of Charante in which time stands still, the sun sings on and birds skip across the greenery where you may sit among them.
We invite you to share this most precious space with us, to come and replenish your soul. Movement, gastronomy, the land. We offer you these things we so treasure and hope that you take them and their essence with you, into your lives.

All ages & abilities welcome

A day on the Itchi Feet Retreat:

Morning Aryuvedic Tea | 90 minute Yoga Class (all equipment included) | Brunch (vegetarian) | Free-Time – swim, explore, join us at the markets. | Afternoon Tea | 90 minute Yoga Class (all equipment included) | Dinner (vegetarian) | Evening Meditation

Dates – 9/13th May & 16/20th May (Four nights/ Five days)

Prices: 600pp sharing- 850pp single occupancy

Extras: Holistic treatments – massage & acupuncture available

*Transfers & Flights Not Included


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You may contact us using the form or if you can email directly or drop us a line.

Email Olly on [email protected]

You can call Olly on (+44)7518065504